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The concept of having the entire world at your fingertips has become a reality. When food aggregators first started operating in India roughly a decade ago, it ushered in a change in the country’s food market. Since then, the industry has never looked back; instead, it has progressed and improved its game. These web channels provided restaurants with a new cash stream.

Through its latest interface with Google, Intellibooks is assisting eateries in being found by their consumers and even taking direct orders. Intellibooks Online Order allows restaurants to control their own website and manage takeout and delivery orders. The cherry on top is that restaurateurs have complete control over their client data, which they can use to target different offers at different times. Not only that, but we take it a step further with our Instagram and Facebook integration, allowing restaurants to generate orders directly from their social media profiles.

What is the procedure for integrating Google?

  • Simply have your website built with Intellibooks Online Order, and we’ll help customers find it when they Google your name.
  • If you’ve integrated a third-party aggregator, our partnership with Google will allow your consumers to place orders through these platforms as well.
  • Customers can even use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to look for products and place orders.
  • Dineout offers in-app bookings, which is a nice extra.

We’ve demonstrated the importance of having an online presence and the best approach to do so. However, managing orders from different platforms can be time-consuming. With so many interconnections, it’s possible that orders will be messed up or, worse, missed. Each aggregator platform, for example, demands that the menu be updated separately. In addition, every order received from a separate source must be manually input into the POS in order to generate a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT).

How can Intellibooks POS aid in the management of online orders?

  • Using Intellibooks POS, you can manage all of your orders from various sources on one platform.
  • From a single platform, you can update and manage menus for several channels.
  • With our multi-tasking POS management, you may receive orders and notify waiters online.
  • Billing and payment status may be easily tracked and recorded.

There’s no stopping you once your clients can find you through Google search and social media channels. The orders will begin to flow in. Our Intellibooks POS system will assist you in managing these orders as well as other operational responsibilities. Overall, we’ve got your back.

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