Coffee Shop Software or Cafe Billing PoS software

Run your Cafe shop with Intelliorder Coffee Software Solution. By having full control over overstock/inventory management, ordering, KOT, and loyalty programs IntelliOrder help increase profits. It has robust POS systems that simplify cafe billing and provide real-time analytics of data.

Cafe POS Software Features


Enable the employees to use a wireless card to log into the PoS, increasing speed and flexibility for multiple billing stations. Our card-based login will save you a lot of time and allow you to keep track of each employee's performance.

Kitchen Order Management

With configurable billing and KOT printing, print beverage KOTs at the bar and food KOTs in the kitchen. Also, manage your kitchen order with one single click and report on dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management

Get data of your customers at your fingertips, from their last visit to their favorite objects. Easily collect guest information, keep track of previous visits, birthdays, and anniversaries, spend, and more with IntelliOrder Cafe Software.

Online Integration

Integrate online orders with your restaurant billing software to keep track of both in-store and online orders in one location. You can also integrate with Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo with your restaurant's menu and receive orders directly at the point of sale.

Customized Dishes

With IntelliOrder customers may customize their orders with item combinations, add-ons, and special instructions according to their likes.

Touchscreen Interface for Billing

With an intuitive touch-screen interface, making it simple to use enable your customers to order and pay using mobile at the table. All orders placed on the tablets are sent directly to the POS. Easily pay the bill within a second.

Inventory Management

Automate your Coffee shop inventory management with IntelliOrder. With only one click, you can keep track of your stock in real-time, manage purchases, and keep an eye on food costs.


Get detailed reports on your cafe's sales regularly to gain a better understanding of your business. Keep track of the most frequently ordered dishes from the menu. Get detailed reports about canceled orders, discount reports to protect against theft and misuse, and waste of products.

Mobile App

With Intelliorder Mobile App you can notify your customers regularly about what's new at your businesses. You can also use your personalized Loyalty Program to send out compelling offers.

Online/Offline work

It works online as well as offline means you can now serve customers faster even you have no internet connection. It will switch securely to offline mode when the Internet goes down.

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Common Features IntelliOrder has

Monitor Dashboard

365 days support

Details Reporting

Prevent Theft

Supply Chain Management

Expenditure Management

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