Benefits of using Intelliorder

From the wait staff to the owner, Intelliorder is designed to assist everyone in the restaurant ecosystem.Take a look at how you can benefit.


  • Admin app and dashboard allow for easy monitoring of daily operations.
  • Assign permissions to control access to employees.
  • Updates on Sales in Real-Time
  • Track stock levels and food costs.
  • Data & Analytics in Real-Time


  • Simple to use 3 steps billing process
  • Sending an e-bill via SMS saves time.
  • Easy to accept online orders
  • The use of tokens speeds up the delivery of online orders


  • Real-time monitoring of your franchisees/outlets
  • Comprehensive reporting to calculate franchise fees.
  • Outlet Inventory management and monitoring
  • Keeping consistent menus across outlets
  • Assign rights to managers for your outlets/franchisees can manage

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