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Intelliorder Cloud-Based Pubs & Bars Software gives you full control over your pub operations. The party never ends with our 24-hour support team. Fast order management, contactless ordering, and CRM features can help you deliver excellent service to your customers.

Pubs & Bars Software Features

Fast Billing

Intellibooks restaurant billing solution seamlessly operates across multiple terminals, enabling efficient order processing. This allows you to manage bar orders at one counter and food orders at another, ensuring smooth operations, especially during peak hours.The system generates and maintains station-specific Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs), preventing any confusion or order overlapping. This meticulous approach guarantees organized and hassle-free order management for your establishment.

Alcohol Inventory Management

Intellibooks bar POS system transforms the laborious task of manual alcohol inventory management into a fully automated process.Effortlessly log liquor stocks with item-specific inventory tracking, allowing you to closely monitor consumption patterns, minimize losses due to pilferage, and effectively manage associated expenditures.

Bill Modifactions

Intellibooks bar POS offers flexible bill modification options to cater to your customers' preferences for bill splitting.Easily divide bills based on percentages, fixed prices, or proportional sharing, accommodating various splitting preferences. Generate distinct bills for each customer, detailing their individual food and beverage charges, ensuring accurate and customized billing solutions.

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Common Features IntelliOrder has

Monitor Dashboard

365 days support

Details Reporting

Prevent Theft

Supply Chain Management

Expenditure Management

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