Inventory software for small business worldwide

IntelliBooks is free software for inventory management designed to help small and growing companies manage their inventory efficiently through various platforms and devices. With the IntelliBoos Inventory, the software knows which items sell quickly, which things expire early and monitors the inventory easily. Invest in the right inventory and gain better profit with the best FREE Inventory Management Software.Maximize the efficiency of your warehouse with IntelliBooks, which is built and designed for growing businesses.

Why Choose IntelliBooks Software for inventory management?

Track Inventory on your Smartphone

Due to the lack of inventory to sell, no one wants to lose customers & no one wishes to store up excess stock. Luckily, you do not need to face these issues as our inventory management software lets you keep your inventory in order, stock left, and many more. By analyzing the sales results, you can plan the next purchase of goods before they are finished. You'll have all the supplies you need to run your company efficiently using our free inventory app. Track the inventory by simply installing IntelliBooks on your smartphone. You may also examine a shop's sales data and determine the inventory size of each store individually.

Create Sales/Purchase order

Your stock can be monitored anytime, anywhere with the IntelliBooks App. So, you don't need to be in your shop to put a new order for your supplies.  You could also book advance orders so that you have new items before your inventory falls short. You can set up a warning foaar purchase orders before a fixed level of your stock goes down with our free inventory management software. Stock management software from IntelliBooks ensures that the customers never have to return empty-handed. Smart inventory management using our app is no longer a mere dream. Management of inventory using IntelliBooks has benefited many small and medium-sized businesses in India & worldwide by reducing their excessive stockpiling.

Bill faster with Barcode Scanning

 The IntelliBooks software enables you to add items to your bill using barcode scanning. When you sell your goods or purchase new ones, your inventory will be updated as you add the bills. By using smart detection technology, items in your stock will be updated accordingly. Through using our free inventory management software, the time & effort required to maintain inventory is reducing. It also helps keep track of the merchandise, eliminating the slightest chance of mistakes. To ensure its safety, you can also save a copy of your data on the drive.

Real-Time Update

Get real-time reports on your inventory figure that give you the best idea of the company's performance. Our free stock management software allows you to take quick action right before an item lacks in inventory. Before an item is exhausted, you can keep inventory data in check and place new orders with your suppliers. IntelliBooks program for stock management helps you to set up automated order placement with your vendor. Real-time data will allow you to plan for seasonal sales that are unpredictable. Be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way with IntelliBooks and maximizes your returns with a reasonable amount of stock.

Inventory Management software features that are game-changers for any small business.

Create Invoices in seconds

With IntelliBooks, create and share invoices in seconds, streamlining your billing process for maximum efficiency and ease.

Choose Invoice themes

With IntelliBooks, choose from a variety of invoice themes to customize and enhance your billing process, adding a professional touch.

Take Advance Order

With IntelliBooks, take advance orders effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers by preparing ahead for peak times.

Backup / Restore Your Data

With IntelliBooks, effortlessly backup and restore your data, ensuring your restaurant’s information is always secure and accessible .

Works on Mobile & Desktop

IntelliBooks works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop, providing flexibility and convenience for your restaurant.

Send Estimates & Quotations

With IntelliBooks, send estimates and quotations quickly and easily, streamlining your workflow and impressing your clients.

Delivery Challan

With IntelliBooks, generate and manage delivery challans effortlessly, ensuring smooth and accurate delivery operations with us.

Bank Accounts

With IntelliBooks, manage your restaurant’s bank accounts efficiently, keeping track of transactions and ensuring financial accuracy with ease.

Business Status

With IntelliBooks, stay updated on your restaurant’s business status in real-time, accessing key metrics and insights to make informed decisions.

Data Safety and Security

Safeguard your restaurant’s data with IntelliBooks, ensuring robust safety and security measures to protect sensitive information.

Data Regular / Thermal

IntelliBooks supports both regular and thermal printers, offering flexibility and convenience for all your printing needs with us.

Control warehouses

With IntelliBooks, control your warehouses efficiently, streamline inventory management, and ensure accurate stock.

Benefits of Free Inventory Management Software for small business

Scan your receipt, invoice, or bill and link with a transaction for better visibility

Connect, import, and reconcile bank transaction and compare with expenditure

Create recurring bills that happens at regular intervals. Also send and manage entire bill online.

Create Estimate document to sales order and then to invoice and track the transactions.