Simplify restaurant operations with Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Software

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with intelliorder's cloud-based QSR software, delivering unparalleled speed and service to your customers. Seamlessly orchestrate orders, manage inventory, and gain valuable insights through advanced analytics. Elevate your quick-service restaurant operations with intelliorder's innovation-driven solution.

Features of QSR Software

Multi-terminal billing

Streamline your bustling terminals with intelliorder's smart solution – guide customers effortlessly to dedicated item-wise counters for a seamless and expedited experience.

Unlock the power of multiple billing terminals within a single outlet, all without extra cost, ensuring your service keeps up with demand.

Effortlessly orchestrate operations: generate Kitchen Order Tickets from one terminal and swiftly print bills from another. With intelliorder, operational finesse is at your fingertips.

Item Combos & Variations

Indulge your customers' culinary curiosity with confidence – our billing software ensures seamless handling of all your delectable combos.

Effortlessly oversee an array of combos, group offers, delightful variations, and tempting add-ons – all effortlessly managed without any additional strain.

Unleash a realm of culinary possibilities: capture orders, seamlessly apply discounts, and provide impeccable customer service through intelliorder, your partner in elevating restaurant operations.

Central Kitchen Management

Elevate your restaurant operations with Intelliorder's advanced POS software, enabling the creation of distinct Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for food and beverage stations, ensuring flawless order organization.

Experience seamless workload distribution with separate KOTs, ensuring no single station or biller bears excessive burden, fostering a harmonious work environment.

Harness the efficiency of Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) to revolutionize order management for your dedicated kitchen staff. With Intelliorder, impeccable order orchestration becomes second nature.

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Monitor Dashboard

365 days support

Details Reporting

Prevent Theft

Supply Chain Management

Expenditure Management

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