6 PoS Features That Will Increase Your Cafe Sales


The best POS software supports operators of coffee shops and cafes in increasing operational effectiveness and enhancing their bottom line. Even with the ideal location and delicious treats, your bakery business might not flourish until you have a strong bakery management system in place. The top bakery POS features covered in this article are those that business owners should consider when selecting a management system for their bakery. A restaurant POS system, which combines hardware and software, assists restaurant operators in managing every aspect of their restaurant.

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6 PoS Features That Will Increase Your Cafe Sales

Detailed Reporting:

It’s important to produce detailed financial records if you want to know how your bakery firm is operating. Reports and analyses offer crucial information on what products are selling the best and, if any, which areas need to be changed. Every element of the café business should be covered in the PoS, along with comprehensive data. The value of data like sales, CRM, inventory, taxes, discounts, canceled orders, staff reports, and payment summaries can be understated.

Fast Billing:

Customers of cafes are either seeking a place to relax or to attend some critical business meetings. Customers and you both lack the patience to wait for the slow system to load the billing screen, create KOT, verify inventory, determine discounts or offers, split bills, and give the customer a receipt while your café is busy. If the process at your PoS takes the same amount of time, you would lose clients right away. Therefore, the PoS requires a quick billing process.

Third-party Integrations:

Your café may lose out on a significant opportunity if it is not connected to the outside world via third-party platforms. Swiggy, Zomato, café websites, Reelo, UPI payment, and WhatsApp marketing are just a few examples of the necessary integrations that your PoS must have. Customers are more likely to return to the same cafe when they are aware that their first visit earned them prizes and loyalty points. The kind of integrations you require mostly rely on the needs of your cafe.

Central Kitchen Management:

The supply needs of several shops can be easily controlled with a complete bakery POS. The things that are cooked, distributed, and wasted before the final product is available for purchase may all be better managed by bakery operators due to this function. To properly analyze your accounting, the central kitchen module also enables you to maintain a list of bills that are both payable and receivable.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM):

You may gather a lot of customer information and gradually create a comprehensive customer database with a CRM system that is integrated with the POS system. Customer data should be able to be gathered and stored centrally by a robust POS system. To understand customer preferences and implement innovative sales and marketing tactics, CRM data is utilized.

Barcode Management:

The POS barcode scanner has grown crucial as automation in bakery operations becomes more and more important. It greatly streamlines the billing process, boosts productivity, and makes customers happier. Technology-driven bakeries eliminate the need for bakery owners to be concerned about internal thefts or pilferage.


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