Symptoms of a poor inventory management

Symptoms of a poor inventory management


Poor inventory management has a huge impact on businesses of all kinds. According to one study, inventory management issues cause more than 75% of businesses to lose sales. Inventory control issues can be caused by a variety of factors, which business owners should be aware of. In this blog, IntelliBooks will discuss the factors that Can Lead to Poor Inventory Control.

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management helps businesses in determining which goods to order and when to order them. It keeps track of inventory from purchase to sale.

IntelliBooks is free software for inventory management designed to help small and growing companies manage their inventory efficiently through various platforms and devices.

Poor Inventory Management Symptoms

Missed Sales From Under-Stocking:

This occurs when you are unable to fulfill an order immediately due to a stock-out of the desired item. The cost of lost sales is determined by the item’s price and the order quantity. Having a popular item go out of supply during a peak buying season can be quite costly.

Lack of real-time reporting:

Restaurants have a huge problem with not paying close attention to reports. Reports aren’t even considered necessary in inventory management by most businesses. Businesses operate in a guessing game without reports, which can lead to overstocking and understocking. To avoid understocking and overstocking, inventory management software systems ensure that enough product is available.

Too many storage locations:

One of the signs of bad inventory management is having far too many storage facilities and failing to properly track them. Even if the same type of product is being stored, more room is taken up because the products are stored in various containers. To avoid this problem, businesses should concentrate on product categorization and effective storage.

Failure to Plan:

Poor inventory control can result from a lack of planning, especially in seasonal industries. They can perfectly match production and deliveries to your consumer expectations due to robust software. You may estimate your customers’ future behavior and order accordingly to meet client demand without going over budget if you have reliable reports.

Not Keeping Up with Trends:

Small business owners who fail to keep up with market changes may find themselves with excess stock that no longer fits the needs of their customers.

With the IntelliBoos Inventory, the software knows which items sell quickly, which things expire early, and monitors the inventory easily.

Maximize the efficiency of your warehouse with IntelliBooks, which is built and designed for growing businesses.


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